We are a veterans healing and restoration Christian ministry.  We are focused on helping other veterans, active-military and their families be healed from their exposure to war, trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and suicidal desires.  We help them receive emotional, spiritual and physical healing by the work of Jesus Christ. 


 We have already experienced God healing PTSD and combat injuries in our own lives, we seek to share what God has shared with us so that it multiplies and others are healed, renewed and restored to strength and honor in their lives.  We are helping veterans and their families get up and over their obstacle and move into life with fresh purpose.


If you are a veteran, active military or family member, we offer Christian based programs and appointments free to you that guide you into personal and family healing and restoration. 

Our programs and appointments are peer to peer, relationship centered, provide coaching, faith building teaching and healing prayer to lead the veteran or family member to encounter and know Jesus Christ for healing.  We will not turn anyone away from our programs or appointments, even if they do not believe in God or Jesus Christ as their Savior.  We give God the opportunity to demonstrate His Love and Mercy to anyone.  We give them the chance to know Him.  Learn more on our Programs Page.

Testimonial:  "Thank you so very much for your faith in me. I can't even begin to tell you how much more my life is so fulfilled and my soul so much at peace. I will never be able to express nor show my gratitude to you.  Thank you seems so trivial, but I do thank you from the very depths of my healed soul.  This has been life changing."   -Beth, US Air Force Veteran

If you are interested in partnering and making these healing opportunities possible to bring life change to veterans, active military and their families, learn more here.

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By faith SHHWs relies on the generosity and commitment of partners who desire to support life restoration for
Veterans, Military, and their Families from the negative effects of combat.
SHHW is a Nondenominational Christian Ministry
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