Request an Appointment for COVID19 or Terminal Illness Healing Prayer

We are accepting appointment requests due to the COVID19 pandemic regardless of who you are.  Our appointments are open to those diagnosed with COVID19 or Terminal Illness regardless if you are a veteran or family member who we normally offer our services to. 

​​Request an Appointment by filling out the Request Form Below


We will try to schedule an appointment that is in your order of preference depending on availability. We will   email you with an appointment time confirmation and a ZOOM Video link before the appointment so you can setup your ability to join the ZOOM video appointment. Why video prayer?  It is important we are able to see each other during prayer.


Please click the ZOOM link and setup your ZOOM Account before the appointment time.  Your appointment will be only with our staff members, you will be in a waiting room in ZOOM until we give you permission to join us in the video meeting for your prayer appointment. 


Please ensure your video name has your actual name on it so we know who is in the waiting room and can let you enter.  Please, no screen names.  Your name must match your appointment request for privacy and trust sake.  (Example, waiting room name should be John Smith, not JS215 or a screen name like ironman).  We must have positive connection/identity to the appointment requestor to ensure privacy for the ones seeking appointments.

Appointments are planned for 30 minutes per person.  You may have someone join you in your meeting if you choose.  We will likely have 2 prayer team members.


Appointments are available on the following Days and Times (Walk-ins are not available)  All times are EST.

We are offering appointment times on:

VIDEO Healing Prayer Available Appointment Timeframes

Tuesdays: 6-7:00pm

Wednesdays:  6-7:00pm

Thursdays: 6-7:00pm



We will email you the 15 minute time-slot for your appointment within the time-frame listed on the day and time above.  If you have not established your zoom account and entered the waiting room on ZOOM at the link provided, you will lose appointment time if we spend the time doing technical trouble shooting.  We want to ensure the full appointment time is available for you.

What to Expect at an Appointment for Healing Prayer:

We offer a safe and confidential place for you to come to seek healing.  All health and personal information is safeguarded and only handled by those working directly with clients. 

They are not counseling sessions, we ask some basic questions in order to establish the needs of the individual and how we apply prayer, coaching and teaching to build faith.  Compassion, transparency and authenticity on our end is what we offer the client during the interaction.  We assess the client's spiritual, emotional and physical needs before we begin ministry.  We schedule appointments for 30 minute time periods.

We typically will have two ministry personnel on hand for the appointment.  A client is free to bring someone else if they desire to sit in the appointment.  If a person has transported them to the appointment, they can sit in a separate room to sustain privacy for the client. 

Each appointment will have a pre-appointment phone call or email in advance and a post appointment phone call with the client for follow up. 

The prayer ministry serves as a guide and contact point for you with heaven to receive healing from Jesus Christ. 



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