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Invite our Founder, David Bickford to Speak or Teach at your Church, Ministry, Veteran, Military, First Responder, Community or Government Organization.


Testimonial from a 2019 Veterans Day Event with David Bickford as Guest Speaker:

“We felt that the guest speaker was fabulous. His story was so inspirational and heart felt. He was extremely passionate about his closeness to the Lord. We will never forget how absorbed we became with the story he told.”  – John and Joan

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We are a mobile veteran’s healing ministry and conduct retreats in new locations in order to reproduce veterans healing  ministry to those locations and reach more veterans. We seek partners who are interested in providing 2-day or 3-day healing retreats for veterans or active military at their organization/hotel/convention center/ veterans service organization/ ministry / government agency or church.

We also seek partners interested in conducting veterans healing events themselves.  We teach them before a retreat weekend, then we have them shadow and observe us when we conduct a retreat.  When they have reached a point to be able to function independently, we release them to serve as a veterans healing site.  Then they are empowered to hold veteran and active military healing events by their own organization in a repetitive manner at that geographic area. We teach some of the unique aspects of ministry to veterans and military who have experienced war or traumatic events.  This allows this form of ministry to veterans to multiply throughout the nation to serve our veterans for decades to come.


If you are interested in partnering for veterans healing and suicide prevention by providing a facility and accommodations for a veterans and active military healing retreat, or would like to form a veterans healing ministry, please contact us at our email address.

Download a sample of our healing retreat workbook/guide in order to see a projected timeline for a 2 or 3 day retreat and how your partnership can provide a valuable setting for veterans to find healing.

The Warriors Healing Guide

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