Operation Restoration and Operation Safehouse
Operation Restoration

International Impact Missions Trips, for Veteran teams to go to international locations to bring restoration and peace.  Missions Trips give veterans the opportunity to let their service continue together for those in need.

Missions trips include sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God, charitable activities and nation strengthening activities.

We currently have partnerships to help us conduct this mission in these areas of the world.  These partners assist us in the following activities in these locations.

Giving aid and support to orphans and widows.

Stopping child/human trafficking.

Establishing economic means and activities to reduce poverty

Providing food, water supplies/wells, and essentials to those in need.

Provide spiritual, emotional and physical healing through conducting evangelism activities to share hope.

Areas that are currently in conflict or have been in conflict or war experience all of these necessities.  Many veterans have experience in aiding rebuilding in nations for these needs.  Their past international experience, humanitarian work, cultural training and field craft can be quickly applied to ministry in other countries.

Here are our startup locations for our mission bases and our financial needs to begin establishing the ability to conduct trips there with veterans.

Central Asia,  Including Afghanistan, Pakistan and India


East Africa, including Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, DROC. 


Please consider recurring monthly donations or a one time donation to support sending mission teams of veterans to locations to serve in restorative ways.

Past and Current Activities

Below are pictures from a recent evangelism event held in a central Asia country showing the Jesus Film using equipment we recently purchased for evangelism events in unreached villages.  The showing was in a town street. 

Many cry when they see Jesus being crucified, and see that He did not deserve it.  They also discover the unconditional love and forgiveness of God.  That is critical to Muslims or Hindus as they don't know the love or forgiveness of God, so seeing it on film not only reveals it, it also places a picture in their mind the Holy Spirit will constantly access.  Because they live in a place where their faith will be challenged through their lives by an Islam or Hindu dominated society, having a picture in their minds of Christ is critical to help them sustain their faith.  The Jesus Film provides that and lends itself to the Holy Spirit to use in many ways. 


Many come forward and accept Christ afterward and ask how they can learn more.  Bibles are distributed, but we have a limited supply. If a father of a household receives one, he reads it to the family, the spouse and children hear from it, and then a family finds Jesus as savior.  Then the families begin networking and gathering and churches form as the Holy Spirit takes the seed that was planted and gives it increase. 


Your donation would allow these villages that have not heard the gospel to hear, see and receive it.


Donors Needed for a Critical Need

We are currently seeking donors who would like to make one time or monthly recurring donations to buy Bibles for distribution at Jesus Film Evangelism events in central Asia or Africa.

If you have a desire and would like to purchase Bibles to be distributed at Jesus Film Evangelism events, visit our donate page or use the paypal link below.    Our goal is to try to have at least 20 Bibles on hand each week in the near term and that number increase.  It costs about $125 to provide 20 Bibles for an event. 

Ways you can make a difference in sharing the gospel and discipleship in Asia or Africa are:

$25 to provide 4 Bibles in the local language.

$50 to provide 8 Bibles

$125 to provide 20 Bibles

$125 weekly to provide 80 Bibles a month.

$6500 to provide 1040 Bibles for a year (52 weeks worth).

Make a One-Time or Recurring Donation

Donations are tax-deductable,

Recurring Donations will be processed monthly.

Donate with Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal

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