Veteran healed of PTSD, TBI and combat injuries

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

I served as an Army infantryman and had injuries I had sustained in the military during 4 combat deployments. I was struggling with severe back and neck pain, neuropathy pain in my arms and legs from pinched nerves, sleep apnea, insomnia, fear, hypervigilance, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, widespread pain in my whole body (fibromyalgia), and a feeling of having no heart to love with. My soul felt depleted, peace was elusive. I could count on two hands how many nights of restful sleep I had experienced in the past 13 years. I struggled many times with the prospect that this is what my life would always look like from here forward.

I had sustained multiple head injuries in the military and after the second head injury I was experiencing significant headaches, and cognitive impairments. Later, an enemy rocket landing on a tent by ours resulted in me being woke from a sound sleep. The rocket attack had severely wounded other US military personnel on our operating base and we provided initial care to them. I never slept right again after being woken from my sleep by that event. I attribute it to the prior second head injury causing me to handle emotional stress differently than I would have before.

For the next thirteen years, my health deteriorated to a state of constant pain where I felt like I was beat by a 2x4 every morning due to my body not entering into rest, a constant state of stress, and physical pain. Relationships all around me were strained. I was struggling with PTSD. I was attending treatment for my back and neck at least once a week due to pain. I was on pain killers constantly, and spending 30-45 minutes a day in physical therapy and back and neck decompression.

One day, while I was asking God in prayer about treatment steps to take for my back, God communicated a statement to me: “You never asked me to heal you.” I received the statement as pertaining to my back. I recognized such a statement was a promise as it would include an end state associated with the statement if I put into action what was challenged to me.

I asked God how and God placed me on a lifestyle fast. No Facebook, social media, internet, sports scores, alcohol, etc. Nothing but Him and my immediate family. I increased my daily prayer and Bible study and I was learning his nature as a healer that I had not fully understood. I had not been taught anything about the nature of God pertaining to healing and had been taught it was a distant possibility.

I realized it may take seeking Him through a period of time to receive the healing and that God has a way and His timing. I realized the end state was healing and to press into Him until it occurred. He was addressing a shift in my identity from being a disabled veteran to seeing myself as the completely free child of God that I was through Jesus.

I began a deep dive study of the Bible based on a word study of healed/healing/heal. I was daily declaring scriptural declarations of healing and prayers for my body derived from the book “Prayers that Bring Healing” During the last week of this four week period, I had not received full physical healing and promised God I would continue with the lifestyle fast until He was completed.

At this point He was suppressing neuropathy pain and I hadn’t been to the Chiropractors in 2.5 weeks. He gave me a taste of therapeutic healing that was motivating me to press forward for full healing. My worship level was elevated, my relationship with God was elevated, and I was not allowing any influence into my life except for things pertaining to God. I shut off the faucet of news, negative influences, fear builders etc. It was making a huge difference in the ability to hear the Lord and grow in faith.

At the end of the fourth week, God woke me about an hour earlier than my set alarm. I read scriptures, proclaimed the healing creed, made scriptural declarations and prayed. Suddenly, an incredible powerful presence filled the room and I sat in awe as I could sense it was the presence of God.

The Holy Spirit came over me and I started sobbing uncontrollably without me prompting it. The Holy Spirit started showing me images of the things that had depleted my heart and soul from combat and trauma. One at a time he would show them to me in a vision, I would confess and forgive, He would then throw them away and purge them from my memory.

When he completed I was left with a view of a hand holding my heart and it was filled with a radiant bright white light. I was filled with peace. I heard Him say, “I have healed your heart and soul and now you will do new things with me.” I was then filled with His Spirit. I realized the Lord in a matter of minutes had healed my heart and soul and made it full and pure again by the Holy Spirit’s power. I viewed this as a miracle, as He undid in minutes what had developed and secured itself for 13 years.

I was overcome in reflection on the Love of Jesus for me. I have had no recollection or reflection on the matters/memories from combat and life that were presented and healed by the Holy Spirit that morning. I have not had problems sleeping since. Stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, fear etc. were all gone and replaced with peace and joy. I had received incredible inner healing by the Holy Spirit through this power encounter and He left His daily presence in my life and on my body since that day in an increased level of relationship.

My back had not been fully healed and I continued seeking the physical healing He had prompted me on to follow this path.

I attended the Healing Room at Freedom Valley with a high level of faith for healing and in a state of mind of receiving. When they prayed the Holy Spirit started quickly with healing heat power on my lower back that moved up my spine, through my neck and into my brain. I realized I left that healing room with the arthritis and pain in my back and neck gone and the neuropathy in the arms gone. He had healed my brain injuries and restored the cognitive functions I had lost. My severe headaches were gone.

I attended a conference at Global Awakening in July 2017. It was now 6 weeks since the last treatment for my back, compared to when God prompted me toward healing I was going weekly.

At the conference I suddenly felt a hot hand press against my back and there was no one behind me. I felt a prick at my lowest degenerative disk, I felt a pressure and the degenerative disk grow back. This happened with each disk in successive order and my spine repositioned in my back. God said stand up your back is done and when I reached back I could feel the muscles stretched from the spine expanding. They relaxed in the next day or two and brought the back and nerve pain healing to completion.

I had 9 views of spinal x-rays taken the month after the healing. They were the most extensive spinal x-ray series I have had. The radiology report findings were normal. The bulging disks, moderate to severe degenerative disk disease, multiple other forms of arthritis found in my spine in prior MRI and x-ray radiology reports were no longer present. I am free of constant pain management, medications, physical therapy and dependency on regular medical treatment. My range of motion and active lifestyle was restored.

In the prior seven weeks he had taken me down the path of identity adjustment, heart and soul healing, then healing my back, neck and brain which were my most significant physical injuries. He did all of it while only prompting me on healing for my back. His path was more comprehensive then my viewpoint of what was going to happen. It took patience, persistence and a desire to want it more than the urge to stop. He helped me build faith for the healing. The greatest reward was more than the healing received, it was the elevated relationship that continues with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit that resulted through the walk to healing. His Love, peace and transforming power are incredible.

I believe this path to healing was reflective of the need to strengthen identity through Jesus Christ, forgive those combat hurts and other hurts against me and forgive myself, gain truth and understanding in His love and power, grow in faith and trust in Him, and God showed up after building those factors into me. He knew the necessary path better than I did as He built me in these areas. It reflects elements of relationship with Him and how He built my faith in Him for healing. Healing is found in faith in God. Press into Him in faith and relationship and you will find Him, healing and peace. He is true to His nature and promises.

Since the Lord lead me through healing, it has been a privilege to see how determined and passionate He is to heal His children and make them whole and in unity with Him. Veterans, military, their families and anyone else encountered. -David Bickford

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