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Our programs and appointments are peer to peer for veterans and are focused on walking with the veteran and helping lead them into healing, restoration and to re-empower them with fresh purpose.  The programs combine peer to peer healing prayer, coaching, and faith building restorative teaching for life renewing answers.  This helps faith growth and to encounter Jesus Christ to heal them emotionally and physically.  Our services are confidential and conducted in a safe place for veterans or family members.  Appointments and programs are free for veterans and their families. 

Our program approach is multi-phased:

Reset the Foundation, giving life renewing answers

Rebuild the person, applying the answers

Re-empower, strengthening for sustaining

Reproduce by enabling the warrior to serve and go do likewise


"I was a combat engineer in the Army. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 doing route clearance C-IED operations.  I began to lose my religion looking for bombs in Afghanistan. Even more so after I was wounded and got diagnosed with PTSD and TBI. My back was hurt greatly that led to pain 95% of the time. I carried the PTSD, TBI & back pain for 10 years letting it destroy everything in its path.  I happened to meet Strength & Honor Healing Warriors by chance and got the opportunity to have them pray over me. It was truly an incredible experience. My body was on fire. God was pulling things out of me that I had buried deep inside. He was healing me of anger, suicidal thoughts, rage and that monster inside of me was leaving. God was using Strength and Honor Healing Warriors to heal me of the darkness that I carried like a hood. I felt a peace come over me and it felt like a huge boulder had been lifted off of me. I felt clear of mind more so than I had been since Afghanistan. God’s love and hope and peace came into me. I felt a peace wash over me that I had never felt before. It felt safe, something that I had not felt in years. I thanked God for all he had done.  Now I am on the path to help others. That’s where my heart truly is. I’m being drawn in close to God and have such a thirst for His will on my life. I’m hopeful for the first time in 10 years."  - Matt, US Army Veteran

​Freedom Fellowship Weekend Retreat Program


We offer our two day or three day Freedom Fellowship Weekend healing retreat program.  This program is intended for out of state veterans where the individual would need to stay overnight to participate in our services.  The FFW program mirrors the content of the Warrior Healing Walk Program.  They will experience the weekend as a group of veterans and have peer fellowship together.  Group teaching/coaching and interaction will happen and individual private healing prayer for each veteran.  A group recreational activity is planned during the weekend such as a horseback riding lesson, horseback rides at the Gettysburg Battlefield, a half day of fishing together, etc.  The peer to peer interaction opens up doors of healing in which veterans realize they are not alone and hear each others testimonies as healing opens up through the weekend. 

Warrior Healing Walk Program

Our Warrior Healing Walk program is a multi-week program that is 6 weeks. This program is intended to grow the veteran in a strong foundation of peer to peer instruction in truth, their identities they have through Christ Jesus, restoration of peace, faith growth and applying the Word of God in their lives.  The veteran attends 1.5 hour appointments weekly.  The combination process of repetitive healing prayer and teaching is focused to bring them into a point where they receive their healing and sustain it.  This program requires the client to actively pursue the healing as they will have prayer, faith growth scripture readings and supplemental books each week to help walk them into their healing.  We come along side the veteran, to strengthen, encourage, teach and build faith in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to heal them.  The veteran is asked to willingly be committed to and complete the identified prayer and study given to them on a daily basis during the program.  A weeks worth of daily faith growing materials are given a week at a time for between appointments.  Regular communication with the veteran is initiated by their peer coach. 

The veteran will need approximately 30-60 minutes a day to do these faith growth disciplines and learning with the Lord in addition to the appointments that are held for prayer, coaching, teaching and assessment.  We try to hold one or two group fellowship events in which all veterans actively in the program (by consent, not required) meet at one appointment and a peer to peer group setting is facilitated by the peer ministry coach.  The peers share successes they are experiencing in their lives with each other to help build faith and encouragement.  This program has the strongest effect in healing and establishing sustained healing.  It can be done for emotional or physical healing.  This program is geared toward those living in the surrounding counties or nearby states due to weekly appointments in person.


  If a veteran or family member are uncertain if they want to join a 6 week or weekend program, we offer single scheduled appointments for veterans, active-military, or family members to receive peer to peer healing prayer and assisting teaching/facilitation for emotional or physical needs being healed. We will consider upon request a video appointment for veterans who live out of state.

If we do not see sustained results in a regular single appointment, we recommend clients pursue a Warrior Healing Walk or Freedom Fellowship Weekend program. 

Senior military leaders sometime find difficulty seeking healing on their installation due to concern of others learning of their life situation.  We offer the ability for you to come find healing away from your flagpole so you maintain confidentiality.



What to Expect at an Appointment or Retreat:

We offer a safe and confidential place for you to come to seek healing.  All veteran health and personal information is safeguarded and only handled by those working directly with veterans. 

They are not counseling sessions, we ask some basic questions in order to establish the needs of the individual and how we apply prayer, coaching and teaching to build faith.  Fellowship, transparency and authenticity on our end is what we offer the veteran during the interaction.  We have been through what they have experienced. We assess the veteran's spiritual, emotional and physical needs before we begin ministry.  We schedule appointments for 90 minute time periods.

We typically will have two ministry personnel on hand for the appointment.  A veteran is free to bring someone else if they desire to sit in the appointment.  If a person has transported them to the appointment, they can sit in a separate room to sustain privacy for the veteran. 

Each appointment will have a pre-appointment phone call in advance and a post appointment phone call with the veteran for follow up.  Our Warrior Healing Walk 6 week program has regular communication with the veteran.  There are four weekly call-ins following a retreat to help the veteran through the first few weeks after a retreat.  To help coach them and answer any questions.

The prayer ministry serves as a guide and contact point for you with heaven to receive healing from Jesus Christ.  The teaching and coaching is to help guide you into relationship connection with the Lord as He creates faith in you and leads you to be healed.



This testimony video is similar to the path you will be guided down in the multi-week extended program.  There are common disciplines and activities of interaction with the Lord and are based on the individual client when we assess them and their needs.  It shows some common steps you may take in your healing process that the Lord did in this veteran's healing process. 

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